"Follow the Money"

I am not a legal expert by any stretch of the imagination; however, I know that there are basics that are common sense:

1. Who had the most to gain by the death of Byrd & Melanie?
2. Who ACTUALLY gained anything from their death?
3. The people closest to the victims are always the most likely to be involved.
4. FOLLOW THE MONEY into Byrd's hands and out.

I believe the culmination of these answers are at the crux of this case. I have few facts that I have so far.

1. There was a territorial "overlap" on a GRAND scale of organized crime in Pensacola during the time before & after the murders.
2. The evidence points only to one person--Hugh Wiggins. Even without the DNA report, he has the safe & the guns.
3.  Hugh has a cache of guns. He is being investigated for running weapons into and out of Mexico.
4.  Cartels do not "dabble". In the history of organized crime, the spectrum of illegal dealings is never "just" one genre like weapons.  There is money laundering, drugs, and most recently human trafficking. These are prevalent in all of the criminal operations involving these specific cartels. According to Forbes this past October, Los Zetas split "officially" from the Gulf Cartel in early 2010. When was this murder? July 2009.
5. Byrd Billings carried a briefcase full of cash ALWAYS. Why? A 73 year old man, in Pensacola, a community with one of the lowest instances of random crime. Who would was he afraid would take the money?
6. The briefcase was EMPTY when the Sheriff's department took it into evidence. Unusual, according to Blue Markham, who claims that even at home, he has never seen that briefcase empty.
7. The home invaders never touch the briefcase, according to the video. Could the money have been taken prior to being taken into evidence? There are family and friends walking around prior to the arrival of police.

According to court documents, the only standing heirs to the Billings' estate are Ashley & Blue Markham. Justin has been cut out. Everyone has been cut out except for Ashley & Blue Markham. It really makes you wonder even more doesn't it?


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