Murder in Pensacola: Other Interesting Facts not Investigated in the Billings Saga

In investigating and pouring over document after document of the public records, many fascinating, yet never investigated, facts rear their heads. Here are just a few:

1. Justin Billings

In the moments, hours, of both his parents being brutally murdered, he is interviewed on video. He is calm, cool and collected. When he is asked who he thinks is responsible for his parents' deaths, his response is that his friend Walter Brown from Colorado told him it was a hit. Why he believed this was because his friend was in gang activity and knew that the "assassins" were attached to said gang. This is a bizarre yarn to spin especially when asked why his dad would have been the focus of a hit. He said he didn't know. His dad did nothing but sit at home. He didn't really work at the dealership, which is not what anyone else says or knows to be true.

Justin is the one that gave the sheriff's department the video footage because deputies didn't know how the video system worked.  He was allowed to go, unaccompanied by a deputy, to get the video and possiby corrupt it or maybe even switch it prior to giving it to authorities.

So why the outrageous story? Why is he not--just a little--emotional or moved by the fact his life should have been turned upside down? Why is he allowed to be the one to access the video of the murder at the residence, without supervision? Couldn't it be said that he manipulated or somehow falsify anything on the tape?  It is a violation of protocol for collecting evidence proving the security of the crime scene was NOT secure. Who else was allowed to distort evidence prior to crime scene investigators documenting the scene?

2. James "Blue" Markham

Byrd Billings's son in law, Blue is another character with sketchy info. He admits on tape the red van was one off of his car lot--long before another van, that of Patrick Gonzalez--was ever noted. He says it's a rare van and he is sure it is the one off of his lot. He also tells deputies about $100,000 is missing from a briefcase Byrd carried with him everywhere.  The case was NEVER empty, even at home but by the time deputies find it, it is--in fact---empty. It is obvious by the video the home invaders did not touch the briefcase, which is another curious fact within itself.

Where did that money go?

Also, the crime scene was never fully secured after the initial investigation, the family was allowed access to the house for the reasoning of the children for days before the safe was onsite was opened by the family's attorney Crystal Spencer, in the presence of police.

What did Blue and his wife Ashley "clean up" to protect the reputation of Byrd and Melanie? Also  what could they have done to cover the crime itself? This leads to speculation and questions about everything at the scene.

So in just these two individuals, it becomes obvious that something is going on within this family that isn't kosher.  Yet neither man is ever investigated further.


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