Conspiracy: Escambia County

The pervasive corruption of the Escambia County Law Enforcement and court officers has been described as being part of the "Good Ole Boy" system or more aptly cronyism.  W.D. Childers and Willie Junior are prime examples of that. But what about Arety Kapetanis and Sheriff David Morgan?  The Pensacola community should remember Arety's famous battle against ex-Sheriff Ron McNesby and George Touart. She single-handedly had a  hand in the ousting of these two officials and publicly supported David Morgan to take over McNesby's position. That's a great deal of clout for a simple business woman in good ole P'cola.

Would it be shocking to know her connection to the Billings Murder?  She was a former dancer of Byrd Billings when he was in the strip club business.  She wasn't the only one; Another interesting fact is that Arety, Melanie Billings and Pam Long dancers together and were all friends as well. Think about that for a moment.

What are some of the facts that interestingly become associated within this murder case?
1. Arety is a public supporter of Sheriff David Morgan, a man that is involved in the public cover-up of the real murderers of Byrd and Melanie Billings
2. DEA confirmation of the illegal activities Byrd Billings was involved with at the time of his murder.

Is it possible that David Morgan is a puppet for his political backers that may have an interest in covering up true murderers?  Could Arety be one of those people? So what does that lead one to believe on Arety's possible interest in covering up Byrd's murder? He was a wonderful man that she claimed to respect profusely at the time of his death.  Why not see the truly guilty punished? Is it to cover up Byrd's odious businesses and crimes or is it because of the involvement of mutual brothers and sisters of darkness who are still involved in the verboten activities that are still rampant within the city?

There is another interesting fact about Pensacola. A certain deceased car dealer said to be the "Godfather" of the Pensacola Mafia was in fact a blood relative to the Colombo crime family out of Brooklyn, the youngest of the "Five Families of Cosa Nostra". He was also just involved in the family business as his ancestors.

Knowing that and all the other corrupting forces of the city, is there any chance that Byrd Billings wasn't the object of a professional hit?


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