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About a week ago, PNJ reported on the arrests made during Spring Break 2019, March 4-24 on Pensacola Beach. Chip Simmons claims that residents of Santa Rosa Island asked for more intervention this Spring Break. The ECSO seems remarkably proud of the 42 arrests made during this time. But do arrests mean less crime? Aggressive policing, sometimes called Zero Tolerance Policing, usually does nothing to decrease crime overall. Let’s consider that the number of arrests directly affects the number of cases in the court system. The Public Defender’s office recently released that they are out of money. So is it really wise to push more cases through a system that is bankrupt. I would love to see that end up being not prosecuted because they were bad arrests. I know from my own formal education in criminology, that aggressive arrests are a sign of inexperienced policing. Even knowing that academically, I discussed this principle at length with 2 veteran ECSO officers who concurred by saying t…

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